Rebounding and Trampolining


Here’s another 21 day practice which ticks many many boxes and is a joy to do.
In fact, I found it much harder NOT doing this than doing it in and in a very short time felt immediate benefits.
Choose how many days per week you can reasonably commit to and what time in the day and do it for those three weeks and review at the end. Three to six bounces per week for 20 to 40 minutes each time is a good guide. I find first thing best!
You’re creating a habit here so it will get easier and more enjoyable and can help speed up and deepen the ability to create good habits in other areas of your life!

You can get a rebounder for inside and outside use or a trampoline for outside.

This is a feel-good, happy exercise. There are masses of physical benefits which I’ll firstly briefly describe but I want to add something more….

We know it increases lymph fluid circulation so helps flush toxins from the body.

It improves proprioception – the ability to sense the position, balance and interaction of all body parts and how they relate to each other and outside themselves. For example- Try standing on one leg with your eyes closed! Feel how the parts are trying to stabilise and balance. This is happening all the time you are bouncing.

It works the core muscles and the major muscle groups.

Low and equal impact on all the joints. They are comfortably cushioned as you bounce.

It increases the oxygen uptake to all the tissues.

Enhances digestion and elimination. The internal organs get a good massage from the constant up and down!

Improves your heart and cardiovascular work out.

Here’s the more……

The weightlessness experienced at the top of every bounce relaxes the muscles and produces a sense of freedom and ease that has huge psychological benefits as well as the physiological ones mentioned above.
At this point there can be a feeling of connection to what’s around you and outside yourself. You don’t have to carry yourself momentarily. There is effortlessness. A sense of relief. I can let go a bit and trust. And I don’t have to think about it. I can get myself out of my own way and let something else happen. This can help change unconscious and conscious negative conditioning. The world can be a good place and I’m happy to be part of it. We can generate new and better beliefs and meanings about the world and our place in it.
And with arms outstretched the posturing allows feelings of hope and joy to arise.Try bouncing like this when you’re depressed and you’ll see what I mean!

As part of the practice, be conscious of bringing your awareness away from higher brain chatter and thought. Look at the horizon if you’re outside- good for long range eyesight and relaxing the eye muscles and takes us out of high beta brain wave state and into alpha so less hyper vigilance, problem focused, fear – based and more creativity and connection. Bring awareness into the body then back to the horizon or the birds or the vase of flowers. Rest in the beauty and wonder. Any thoughts, gently bring yourself back to body and surroundings. Bring in a gratitude practice which we know is the most physiologically beneficial state we can possibly be in.

Food issues and the YES regime.

So many of us have been caught up in the dieting/overeating/comfort eating loop. And all the shame, disempowerment, self blame and time spent on being unhappy and wishing we were different!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to fully enjoy food, stopping when we are full and lose weight if we need to. And to feel completely satisfied with our bodies so we can get on with enjoying our selves and our life.

Try these well trusted tricks –

Make a pact with yourself to try this simple YES regime for 21 days. This will help change old habits and install new ones. It’s not long and well worth the risk. This is not about lack or punishment or less. This is about becoming more of who you really are. At the very least it will be interesting and an adventure. When a new habit is established it gets easier to maintain it without thinking too much about it. And you’ll be practicing self care and self love.

No foods are banned, but you have to take the time to listen to your body and check in with whether you are hungry and what you really want. You are saying YES to food and yourself and learning to trust your instincts. Think of it like working a muscle.  The more you work it the more it will work for you. The more you follow your instincts, the more your system regulates and the easier you will lose weight if you need to. And you’ll enjoy the pleasures of eating much much more. And you don’t have to worry or think about it.

Eat slowly – every mouthful. Allow yourself to really taste the food and enjoy it. Another big YES! This will help you feel more in touch will satisfaction, pleasure and fullness. When you’re full, stop. Notice the fullness for a few moments. You’ll be building on the feeling of satisfaction. And satisfaction is a good feeling!

Notice your emotions if you’ve got a sudden urge to eat. It may be you’re not hungry and you need to honour a feeling instead. Tell yourself it’s ok to eat but you need to feel first. So pause… Are you sad, lonely, angry, bored? Where do you feel that feeling in your body? Another YES. Make friends with the feeling by feeling it. You’ll learn to feel a sense of satisfaction because you’ll be feeling what is actually there!! Eat if you’re hungry but chances are by feeling the emotion the hunger will have ebbed.
Then go and do something else – have a bath, ring a friend, dance, listen to music.